Walk the Talk Reaches Kalwun Health Service

Walk the Talk Reaches Kalwun Health Service

I reached my first stop on the tour, which also happens to be the clinic I used to go to! Kalwun Health Service in Coomera, QLD (now the Integrated Health and Well-Being Hub) is one of four Kalwun clinics providing primary care and allied health services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Gold Coast area.

The Coomera clinic offers a wide range of services, from general practice medical and health assessments through a wide range of allied health programs like occupational therapy, podiatry, psychology and psychiatry and others, to specialised programs such as men’s and women’s groups, care coordination services and school health checks for example.

I always found all the staff very friendly and welcoming, and they provided a depth of care that was far beyond what I had experienced from mainstream general practice services. They took a whole view of your health, not just treating symptoms, and they made you feel like getting a good outcome for you mattered.

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living on the Gold Coast I can highly recommend you use Kalwun to help manage your health and well-being needs. And if you’re not, check them out anyway – they have some great services and programs. You can find their website with detailed information about their services and how to contact them here.

Next stop: Ipswich!

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