Walk the Talk Visits Outback Stores

Walk the Talk Visits Outback Stores

Finally made it to Darwin and decided to make the first of several stops at Outback Stores.

Outback Stores was established by a group of retailers from large mainstream retail businesses to improve access to affordable and healthy food for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in remote communities. Their aim it to to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by addressing nutrition-related health problems, unreliable food supplies, stores closing because of poor governance and build-up of debt.

Outback Stores supports healthy choices and has a strong focus on improving nutrition through reducing sugary drinks and supporting healthy food choices by:

  1. Ensuring a wide range of nutritious, safe, affordable, quality food, drink and grocery items are consistently available;
  2. Making healthy food choices easier, while still maintaining choice
  3. Increasing awareness and understanding of healthy food, among customers, store staff and Store Committees
  4. Supporting community, research and legislative initiatives to reduce the use of tobacco in communities

To learn more about the great work Outback Stores is doing, visit their website: https://outbackstores.com.au/


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