Walk the Talk Stops By Carbal Medical Services

Walk the Talk Stops By Carbal Medical Services

While in Toowoomba I stopped by Carbal Medical Services and found out they are a whole lot more than just a clinic.

Carbal Medical Services provides clinics, services and programs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Toowoomba, Warwick and the Darling Downs. In addition to their primary care and allied health clinical services, Carbal provides numerous outreach and support services including programs specific for fathers, mothers, Elders and youth, addiction and smoking, and Integrated Team Care to assist with complex chronic conditions which include outreach worker and transport services.

They also offer a wide range of training programs and, through the Carbal Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, work with renowned health researchers who are committed to the reduction of Indigenous health disparities in their area of expertise to provide world-class, integrity-based health research. The even publish a range of health and wellbeing related story books and podcasts!

Whether you live in the area or not, you would do well to check out all the things Carbal has to offer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. You can find out more through their website: https://carbal.com.au/

My next stop is in Cunnamulla, which is quite a way’s away!


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