Walk the Talk Reaches the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre

Walk the Talk Reaches the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre

I’ve managed to reach Gayndah and stopped in at the Indigenous Wellbeing Centre.

The Indigenous Wellbeing Centre provides holistic health, wellbeing and family services to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous peoples of the Bundaburg and Wide Bay/Burnett regions. They are an diverse and inclusive service focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the disadvantaged, frail, vulnerable and at-risk peoples.

The Centre provides a range of services including general medical, dental, allied health including physiotherapy, dietetics and speech therapy, and psychology. They also have their own gym and provide home care services.

One thing that particularly interested me was their Cultural Healing Service. The service is provided through in partnership with a third-party provider, Kultchafi, and consists of both Cultural Responsiveness Training (to facilitate and deliver culturally safe workplaces and services) and Healing Circle Work (a form of group therapy where participants experience a restorative and health-giving sense of wellbeing to themselves and others). As with other services, the Cultural Healing Service is available to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and non-Indigenous peoples.

If you live in the Bundaberg/Wide Bay/Burnett regions and are looking for a holistic approach to health and well-being, look into the Indigenous Wellness Centre and see what they have to offer you: https://www.iwc.org.au/

Heading back toward the coastline!


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