Walk the Talk Stops By Bidgerdii Community Health Service

Walk the Talk Stops By Bidgerdii Community Health Service

Just a couple of blocks from my last stop and I’m at the Bidgerdii Community Health Service.

The Bidgerdii Community Health Service is primarily a bulk billing medical service offering general medical needs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Rockhampton and Central Queensland through on-site and home visit services. Bidgerdii have doctors, nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers to meet the needs of these communities.

Bidgerdii also provides a number of programs, including children and family services, social and emotional well-being, and transport services. One particularly interesting service is the Binbi Meta (Healthy Dwelling) program, which assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families take ownership and control over their health and wellbeing by implementing lifestyle changes to achieve a healthy, active and long life. They convey this through a combination of education and physical activity, teaching families healthy cooking, home education, and health checks. Home education is facilitated through the development of the backyard gardens of their homes, including recycling, food handling and storage, shopping, food labelling, tool maintenance and energy saving tips.

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person in Rockhampton or surrounding areas looking to make a healthy change to your lifestyle, or your looking for a great medical service, check out what Bidgerdii can do for you through their website: http://www.bidgerdii.com.au/

Lucky for me the next visit is just across the road!


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