Walk the Talk Visits Gumbi Gumbi

Walk the Talk Visits Gumbi Gumbi

Still in Rocky and stopping in at Gumbi Gumbi.

Gumbi Gumbi provides culturally appropriate drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in Rockhampton who are experiencing negative effects from alcohol or drug use and want to improve their health and wellbeing. They help with the difficult process of withdrawal and long-term lifestyle changes through rehabilitation.

Withdrawal is managed through a medically supported two-week, live-in program available to both men and women who need support in getting off alcohol and/or drug use. The availability of qualified, caring support staff makes the process of withdrawal easier than it is trying to do it without help.

Their rehabilitation program is a 12-week live-in residential program available to both men and women though homestyle shared accommodation at Halo and Lachlan houses. ‚ÄčThe program aims to equip people with education and support to recover their health and wellbeing, and lead a life free of the negative affects of alcohol and other drug use.

You can find out more about Gumbi Gumbi’s programs and apply for assistance by visiting their website: https://www.gumbigumbirockhampton.com/

One last stop on the north side before moving on!


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