Walk the Talk Visits Girudala Community Cooperative Society

Walk the Talk Visits Girudala Community Cooperative Society

I’ve made it to Bowen and stopping in at Girudala Community Cooperative Society.

Girudala offers a range of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in Bowen, Colinsville, Prosperine and the Whitsunday region. Their main health-based programs include a Health Team and Medical Centre, Family Wellbeing, and Home Support to help older (over 50) people remain independent at home. They also facilitate an affordable housing program.

Girudala’s medical centre provides general medical, family planning, vaccinations, pre-employment checks and skin checks. They also have a visiting podiatrist, diabetes educator and hearing specialists. The health team provides a range of community-based services and programs including nutrition, sexual health, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs support, youth health, sports and recreation (in partnership with the local PCYC) and outreach workers.

Their Family Wellbeing program offers support, information, advice and referrals for at-risk families to reduce their involvement in the Child Protection System, with the aim of establishing safe environments to support families. They encourage family involvement in Early Education programs including playgroups and daycare, providing advice on household budgeting and routines; practical parenting skills and personal development (Women’s Group and Men’s Groups).

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in Bowen or the areas Girudala services, look them up to find out more about what they can do for you. You can find out more on their website: http://girudala.com.au/

Next stop is Townsville and a couple of places to call in and see.


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