Walk the Talk Arrives at Mamu Health Service

Walk the Talk Arrives at Mamu Health Service

I’ve reached Innisfail and stopping by Mamu Health Service.

Mamu Health Service is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation providing comprehensive, culturally appropriate primary health care programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Innisfail and the surrounding areas.

Mamu provides general medical service, visiting allied health services including occupational and speech therapies, exercise physiology, dietetics and diabetes education, podiatry, optometry and audiology. The also offer antenatal and postnatal programs as well as family wellbeing programs targetted at creating positive home life for all family members.

If you’re an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in or around Innisfail, find out how Mamu can help you by checking out their website: https://mamuhsl.org.au/

I’m off to Cairns where I’ve got a lot of stops to make!


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